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January 23, 2019
in Blog, Suv Accidents

Blind spots may be lethal in SUV accidents

Pennsylvania residents experienced a blast of winter weather over the past several days. Inches of snow and ice piled up across the Keystone State, and in many districts, school was cancelled or delayed due to inclement conditions. Recently, a tragedy calls attention to the dangers of SUV accidents.

At first glance, many drivers may think that an SUV is a safer option for winter driving. Granted, the ability to maneuver better on snowy or slick surfaces is a major selling point for Pennsylvania residents. Unfortunately, SUVs have dangers of their own. The large vehicles may have blind spots, and being seated higher may leave a driver with a glare from the sun.

Recently, the driver of an SUV came to a stop at a stop sign before maneuvering a turn. As she began to round the corner, she struck three children, reportedly huddled on the curb waiting for the school bus. Tragically, one child was killed, and the two others suffered serious injury, remaining in unknown condition. The driver reportedly could not see the children.

SUV accidents cause serious injury to victims. Especially when a child becomes a victim, families may be in a state of shock. Medical bills and funeral expenses can stack up quickly. In many cases, an experienced attorney can come to the rescue, providing compassionate legal assistance as families attempt to seek justice in court. An attorney can help a victim, or surviving family member of a deceased victim, pursue recovery of all documented monetary damages.

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