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November 26, 2017
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How to avoid truck accidents and wrongful death

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions in Bethlehem, knowing the difference between car and truck accidents is crucial. Both types of collisions can cause serious damage and harm to everyone involved, but truck accidents are more likely to cause wrongful death. 

You do not need to cause a truck accident for you or a family member to die. Many trucks collisions are the result of operator mistakes, negligence and faulty equipment. To reduce the chances of you and your loved one dying in a truck accident, consider the following safety tactics: 

Do not take chances 

One common mistake many motorists make around trucks is engaging in risky behavior. They may think they can quickly overtake commercial vehicles by cutting them off and slowing down so they do not have to drive behind them.

Some also resort to driving in a truck driver’s blind spots and following too closely behind large trucks. Not only are their actions enough to cause other motorists to make rash driving decisions, but their reckless behavior sometimes makes it harder for truck operators to maintain control of their vehicles. 

You should never make assumptions when driving around trucks and tractor-trailers. You do not know what condition the operator is in or if he or she is paying attention and performing all his or her duties properly. You also do not know if his or her vehicles is in proper condition for the roads. All it takes is one mistake or wrong action to create hazardous truck accident conditions

Drive safely 

Avoid rushing when you drive. Make sure you and your passengers wear your seat belts the entire time. Leave early and plan your commute so you do not feel tempted to speed, ignore traffic signals, signs, rules or courtesies. Stay fully alert while you are behind the wheel so you can spot hazardous conditions in a timely manner and make better driving decisions to avoid them. 

Trucks and motorists can share the roads safely when both parties take proper precautions. Because truck accident victims often sustain life-threatening injuries and die, many of their loved ones find it beneficial to seek out legal guidance. 

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