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February 5, 2020
in Blog, Suv Accidents

SUV accidents have potential for serious destruction

In most parts of Pennsylvania, winter has been considerably mild, at least through the beginning of February. Drivers across the Keystone State have likely enjoyed not having to contend with as much snow and ice as they usually experience during the winter months.  One might think that favorable driving conditions reduce the number of serious car and SUV accidents, and while that may be somewhat true, driver error is still a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. 

Recently, a motorist made a serious mistake that resulted in a multi-vehicle crash. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement, the driver entered Route 30 in Lancaster County by using an exit ramp. The SUV driver hit at least two vehicles before coming to a stop, causing a chain reaction crash. 

When the dust settled, almost a dozen vehicles were entangled in the wreckage. Multiple serious injuries to the occupants of several vehicles were reported, and victims were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. There were heavy traffic delays as rescue crews and investigators worked on the scene for several hours. There is no word on whether the driver of the SUV was injured. 

When SUV accidents cause serious injury to innocent victims, legal recourse may be appropriate. Victims may be facing significant medical bills, damage to vehicles and other personal property, pain and suffering, and possibly the inability to work. Victims in these circumstances typically choose to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help navigate court proceedings, working toward recovery of all documented monetary damages. 

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