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October 3, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents a growing concern for PA parents

School districts across Pennsylvania take student safety very seriously. In recent years, many measures have been put in place to ensure that children have the best possible learning experience. Though many parents may feel as if their children are relatively safe at school, they may not consider the danger their children are in while traveling to and from school. Already this year, several bus accidents have caused injury and fright to students across the state, and the most recent has many families concerned. 

Most Pennsylvania students rely on buses to get to class each day. Families can only hope that their child will make it to school and back without any harm coming to them. Most school buses do not have seat belts, which has become a topic of concern as bus accidents continue to occur in record numbers across the state. 

Last week, a bus full of students was traveling through a construction zone. The driver of the bus hit a concrete barrier. The bus left the roadway and overturned. 

About 28 students had to go to the hospital for injuries suffered. Parents were contacted, and some parents chose to take their children home with them for the day. Students report being terrified, as did many parents upon receiving the terrible news. 

When bus accidents cause serious injury or death, families may feel as if some sort of action should be taken. If an accident is the fault of a careless bus driver, parents may feel angry. Many families do not have another option for transportation and may feel as if the schools are not doing enough to make sure their children are traveling safely. An experienced attorney may be able to help families facing medical bills, emotional trauma and other suffering. 

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