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March 20, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents: Are you at risk?

Many Pennsylvania residents are fortunate enough to live in an area that has plenty of public transportation available. These days, especially in urban areas, there is a growing shift away from owning a personal vehicle. Many people have chosen to take advantage of ride-share programs, rental vehicles or public transportation to get from place to place. Though public transportation certainly is not a new idea, technology has advanced to make these options, such as buses, safer and more efficient. Still, there are still risks associated with public transportation, with bus accidents being chief among them. 

It is not unusual for a bus to be carrying dozens of people at any given time. All of the persons riding on the bus can only hope that the bus driver manages to get to the destination safe and sound. Unfortunately, sometimes a bus is involved in a crash, and when this happens, people on the bus, often without seat belt or safety features common in smaller vehicles, may suffer serious injury. 

Recently, several Pennsylvania residents were injured when a large bus became entangled in a wreck with a pickup truck. The accident is still under investigation, but authorities report that at least three people on the bus were seriously injured. No update has been given on the status of the injured passengers, and certainly all on the bus were frightened and shaken up. 

Bus accidents are often the result of human error, and when a victim suffers serious injury, he or she may want to seek justice. Victims may be faced with medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work and other financial losses that often befall a person after an accident. An experienced attorney can help a client take the proper avenues to pursue recovery of all documented damages from the party or parties deemed responsible for an accident. 

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