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September 19, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can result in higher number of injuries

Pennsylvania residents can likely recall at least one time they have ridden a bus. Many children rely on buses to get them to and from school each day. Even for adults, a bus can be a handy way to travel in a large group or save commuters from having to worry about the expense of driving their personal vehicle. Though buses are considered to be a relatively safe method of transportation, bus accidents can result in high numbers of serious injuries. 

Recently, a bus was traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Travellers may already be aware that the turnpike is often crowded, and the number of vehicles combined with the highway speeds can be a recipe for disaster. The bus, which was carrying 36 people, collided with a large tractor trailer truck. 

It is currently unknown which vehicle was at fault; however, the crash resulted in serious injury for 19 people. They were transported to local hospitals for treatment. Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances leading up to the crash. 

Victims of bus accidents may feel overwhelmed in the days and weeks that follow a crash. They may need to prepare a witness statement while dealing with expensive medical bills and an injury from which they may never recover. When victims feel they should take action, they may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney. An attorney would be able to explain the legal options to a victim seeking justice and advise him or her on how best to proceed. Victims should take time to heal, and an attorney would be able to all of the legal aspects of a claim while the victim focuses on his or her recovery. 

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