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November 14, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents continue to plague the state

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and the coming weeks are a popular time for people to travel in Pennsylvania and across the country. The roads become more crowded than usual when daily traffic is compounded by people going to see family, taking a shopping trip or delivering packages. Though bus accidents are always a concern, more traffic means more risk of a crash. 

Recently, a bus occupied by eight passengers was involved in a collision. Initial reports indicate that a delivery driver in a large truck was lost, trying to find a local post office. As he attempted to locate his destination, he swerved over the line on the road into another lane. He struck the bus as a result. 

All eight bus passengers suffered injury. They were taken to a local hospital for treatment. There is no update on the conditions of the victims, but they are expected to survive. The accident remains under investigation, and authorities state that charges against the delivery driver may pending. 

Pennsylvania victims of bus accidents may feel helpless in the aftermath of such an ordeal. When victims suffer injury, they may soon find themselves burdened with medical bills, inability to work or damage to personal property. A victim should know that he or she has the opportunity to partner with an experienced attorney, who can help pursue recovery of monetary damages sustained. Victims do not have to suffer in silence, and choosing the right lawyer can go a long ways toward achieving justice. 

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