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August 23, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Police ramp up efforts to prevent bus accidents

A new school year is nearly underway, and thousands of Pennsylvania students will soon be climbing aboard the bus. Many children rely on a bus to get them to and from school safely each day, but unfortunately, bus accidents are a common occurrence. The start of the new school year may also be the start of stiffer penalties for drivers. 

Some locations in Pennsylvania will have more severe consequences for motorists who do not obey laws regarding school buses. Drivers need to remain alert. When a bus displays flashing lights and the stop sign, it is against the law to pass the bus from either direction. A stop sign on a school bus must be treated as any stop sign, and drivers may only continue when the bus driver closes the sign, indicating that all children boarding or exiting the bus are safely off the road. 

Police say they will be tagging along on close proximity to buses throughout the year, and will not hesitate to pull a driver over if they are seen breaking the law. Cameras will also be used to make sure drivers are compliant. The penalties for violation can range from a $250 fine, suspension of a driver’s license or points against a driving record. 

Each year, Pennsylvania children are injured or killed in bus accidents. While certainly, the stiffer penalties might help decrease the odds, riding the bus always carries a certain amount of risk. When a child is injured in a bus accident, a parent may want to take legal action against the responsible party. An injured child can be a nightmare for a parent, and in many cases, an experienced attorney can help collect monetary compensation that can be used for medical bills, ease pain and suffering, and ensure that a victim has access to any healing treatments that might be necessary. 

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