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October 9, 2014
in Blog, Car Accidents

2 dead following serious car accident in Pennsylvania

Two people died after a vehicle crashed into a house, according to local sources.  Pennsylvania authorities responded to the car accident just before 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 5.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in the house when the accident occurred, but the teenage driver and his 15-year-old passenger were both killed in the crash. 

According to police reports, the 16-year-old driver was traveling northbound when he seemed to lose control of his vehicle. The car left the road and struck the house in question before rolling onto its roof.  Residents of the house were able to escape without injury. 

Police have not speculated what caused the young driver to lose control of his car.  The possibility of drug or alcohol intoxication has not been ruled out, nor has reckless driving at this stage in the investigation.  However, none of these possible causes have been documented by specific evidence as of this report, and the investigation remains open. 

Because the driver perished in the car accident, no criminal charges will be filed. However, the family of the deceased passenger will be entitled under Pennsylvania law to file a wrongful death suit against the driver and any additional owners of the vehicle.  Additionally, the owners of the house could potentially sue for property damage. These suits are considered civil in nature and would therefore be processed through a Pennsylvania civil court, and possibly supported with evidence from the police investigation into the crash. 

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Source:, “UPDATED: Car crashes into house, 2 dead“, , Oct. 5, 2014

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