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February 25, 2014
in Blog, Car Accidents

4-vehicle car accident leaves several injured in Pennsylvania

A state trooper was among those injured in a several-vehicle pileup in the early morning of Feb. 20. Pennsylvania police and rescue workers responded to the four-car accident a little after 5:30, where they discovered several injured parties. Icy roads have been suggested to be at least part of the cause of the accident, and no charges have been filed against any of the drivers involved as of this writing.

Police reports were unable to ascertain which driver, if any, was responsible for setting off the pileup. Two passenger sedans, a box truck and a police cruiser were all involved in the crash. Several people were seen being removed from the scene in various states of injury, including the trooper who is said to have been treated for a leg injury and a minor head wound.

It is unknown how many other people were injured in the accident and how severe their injuries were as of this report. Two drivers, the driver of the box truck and another from one of the sedans, are known to have been treated and released from hospitals. All northbound lanes were shut down for several hours while police tried to piece together exactly what caused the crash.

Pennsylvania winters can be notoriously brutal, leading to dangerous roadways thanks to snow and ice accumulation. This means drivers must exercise extra caution to avoid a car accident like the one reported on here. If police can determine whether any of the drivers were not operating their vehicles in accordance with the demands of the weather, personal injury lawsuits may result. Moreover, the injured trooper is likely entitled to workers’ compensation coverage if he was working at the time of the crash.

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