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June 16, 2017
in Blog, Car Accidents

An amputation can negatively impact your life after auto accident

When Pennsylvania residents hear about serious wrecks, they may not consider they types of injuries the victims suffer. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of an auto accident may include a traumatic amputation. There are different classifications of theses types of wounds, and all of them likely have a negative and permanent affect on one’s life.

While many amputations are planned surgical procedures that are performed in an effort to improve the quality of life for the patient, unfortunately, many of these injuries are the result of a traumatic injury to the body. There are two types of amputation — complete or partial. A complete amputation is as described, the affected body part is completely severed from the rest of the body. An incomplete amputation describes an injury where tendons, muscles or other tissues still connect the affected portion to the rest of the body. Both emergency responders and physicians work to ensure that a reattachment procedure can at least be attempted.

There are terms that are used to describe where on the body the amputation occurred. Below-the-knee (BKA) refers to the injuries of the lower extremities, while above-the-knee (AKA) is the other designation. Additionally, there are different classifications of amputations, according to the method of injury (MOI). The three main types of injuries that may result from an accident are crush, guillotine and a degloving or avulsion.

Of these three, the guillotine types are most conducive to a successful reattachment as there is less traumatic injury to the soft tissues. Regardless of the type of amputation, the victim may never fully recover from the injury. When a Pennsylvania resident suffers a serious injury as a result of an auto accident, there are also the monetary damages that accumulate, especially if the victim has suffered such a trauma and is no longer able to earn the living. A successful personal injury lawsuit may enable one to recoup the financial losses one has sustained.

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