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January 22, 2020
in Blog, Car Accidents

Are some roads car accident prone? State police say yes

Pennsylvania state police have recently confirmed that some roadways within the Keystone State have a statistically higher number of crashes than others. Obviously, there is potential for a serious car accident anywhere the rubber meets the road, but there are apparently several factors that increase the risk on certain stretches of road. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage drivers to be extra cautious, police have offered some inside knowledge for drivers. 

Some roadways usually have heavier traffic than others. Police say more traffic can equate to less room between vehicles, which decreases the amount of time drivers have to brake, change lanes or otherwise maneuver to avoid a collision. There may also be more large trucks on certain highways. These large vehicles need more time to stop, and this fact is supported by several crashes already this year, including a pileup that had at least 15 of these trucks involved. 

Weather can also play a role in increased car accidents. Especially in the winter, inclement weather can strike suddenly. Drivers may not realize there is ice on the road surface, and snow, sleet and fog can cause decreased visibility. Wind can blow snow onto the road surface and even push against vehicles, causing them to swerve unexpectedly. 

When a person becomes the victim of a car accident in Pennsylvania, he or she may want to learn about what legal recourse may be available against the driver deemed to be at fault for the crash. Taking legal action does not have to be painstaking, and a knowledgeable attorney can help a victim bring a case to civil court. A victim may be able to recoup financial losses that resulted from a crash and ensure that justice is served against the responsible party. 

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