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March 7, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Bizarre car accident leaves fellow motorists shaken

Pennsylvania drivers might admit that when they see the police signaling to pull over in the rear view mirror, the nerves kick in. Even when a driver is not certain why the police might be stopping him or her, it is important to comply according to the law. If a driver attempts to evade law enforcement in such a situation, a serious car accident can result.

Recently, police attempted to stop a vehicle on a Pennsylvania highway. Rather than safely pull over and wait to find out why officers might be stopping him, the driver decided to take off. He launched his vehicle over the median and began to flee into oncoming traffic. Law enforcement gave chase, but made sure to use lights and sirens to warn other motorists of the danger. 

The fleeing driver crashed into another vehicle. The victim was caught off guard, because he saw the driver headed straight for him, traveling the wrong way, with police in pursuit. The victim suffered injury as a result of the collision, and charges are pending against the driver that caused the chaos. The matter remains under investigation. 

When a car accident is caused by the careless or criminal behavior of another party, victims may feel they have been especially wronged. Many victims choose to seek the aid of an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a victim seek reimbursement of monetary damages sustained by pursuing a claim for personal injuries against the party or parties deemed to have been at fault through the state’s civil justice system.

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