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December 4, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Car accident is no laughing matter

Social media has become a part of daily life for many Americans, especially teenagers. These days, it is not uncommon for the average person to check social media accounts several times a day. For many, social media is a coping mechanism, as many people feel posting on various social platforms is a way to express feelings he or she may otherwise have trouble sharing. Recently, a Pennsylvania teen used the social media app Tiktok after a crash but soon learned not everyone was inclined to hit the “like” button when a car accident was the subject of a post. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania teen’s post went viral, a term used to describe a post that gains rapid popularity when people share it. Though details are still unclear, a few basic facts are known. The teen and several friends were in a car that became involved in a crash resulting in damage. 

While waiting for police and rescue workers to arrive, the teen posted a short video on social media, seemingly making light of the situation. The teen allegedly joked that after initially seeing the damage, police were concerned that one or more occupants may be seriously injured or killed. The video became an overnight sensation, but many viewers were not amused, feeling the video made light of a very serious situation. The teen did not seem to understand what all the fuss was about and admitted to interviewers that she had been involved in another accident a few days prior. Rather than be upset as she had been following the first accident, she had tried to find humor in the situation. 

A car accident, especially one involving serious injury and expensive damages to a vehicle, is no laughing matter. This particular incident might be difficult for a rational adult to understand, but the teen’s actions serve as a reminder that victims are often overwhelmed following a car crash. A victim who is struggling to come to terms with an accident that was not his or her fault might want help, and an experienced attorney can prove far more helpful than social media. An attorney can help a victim become educated on what sort of legal recourse may be available and take action against the driver deemed to be at fault. 

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