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October 21, 2014
in Blog, Car Accidents

Driver sought in fatal car accident in Pennsylvania

Local and state police are on the lookout for the driver of a vehicle they say was responsible for a serious crash in Bensalem, reports indicate.  Pennsylvania State Police are in the process of attempting to identify a driver who set off a car accident that claimed the life of an out-of-state woman on the afternoon of Oct. 13. They have reached out to the community to help track down this unknown individual.

Reports of the accident are extremely hazy as of this writing.  Eyewitnesses reported seeing a so-called “phantom car” which was traveling southbound on Interstate 95 at a high rate of speed.  The car abruptly changed lanes and cut in front of another vehicle, initiating the crash.  It is unclear whether the vehicle actually hit the other car or if the sudden change in direction forced the other vehicle to crash.

The driver of the second car, its only occupant, was killed in the ensuing accident.  The report did not specify whether the driver was killed outright or pronounced dead later at a hospital.  The identity of the deceased driver was not mentioned in this report.

Should Pennsylvania police succeed in tracking down the “phantom car” and its driver, criminal charges including fleeing the scene of a car accident will likely be filed against that individual. Additionally, the family of the deceased driver will be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver and any ancillary owners of the vehicle involved in the crash.  This case would be handled in a civil court setting, separate from any criminal charges brought to bear. 

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Source:, “Police seek driver responsible for fatal Bensalem accident“, Jo Clavaglia, Oct. 13, 2014

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