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December 5, 2016
in Blog, Car Accidents

Families of car accident victims urge students to be safe

A poignant, mobile memorial is making its way through the high schools in Pennsylvania. It displays the thousands of names of people who died in drunk driving accidents across the state. Along with the visual image of the lives lost, high school students hear stories of the impact drunk driving has had on people’s lives. At this time of year, a car accident can often mean an empty chair at the holiday table.

One mother lost her husband and three of her four children when a drunk driver collided with their car. Another mother told about her son who lost his life because he got behind the wheel after drinking. The purpose of the presentation was to impress upon students the painful consequences of bad choices and to encourage them to pledge to drive sober over the holidays.

Last year, 38 people died in accidents in Pennsylvania where an impaired driver was involved.  Additionally, the year’s 1,200 accidents related to drug or alcohol use resulted in countless injuries. Forty-one percent of those accidents took place over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s weekends.

Unlike diseases such as cancer where a cure is being sought, the only cure for drunk driving is making smart decisions. The family members presenting their personal stories to high school students urged them to think ahead if they plan on drinking. Someone who waits until he or she starts drinking to consider the options may not be able to think clearly enough to make the right choice. When that happens, a person risks causing a car accident that may result in lifelong suffering for himself or herself as well as innocent victims.

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Source:, “Operation Safe Holiday: Mothers of Drunk Driving victims warn students to think before driving“, Michelle Ross, Nov. 30, 2016

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