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December 28, 2012
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania man suffers severe injuries in car accident

A Pennsylvania man has been criminally charged in a hit-and-run crash that injured a man in a wheelchair. The car accident occurred after the man’s wife closed up their business for the night. The man was guiding his wheelchair down a small stretch of the road to get to their driveway. When his wife returned home and failed to see his wheelchair in their driveway, she began to look for him and discovered him lying on the ground. Another motorist witnessed saw the driver’s vehicle hit something, though she initially thought it was a mailbox.

The driver is said to have struck the man and then sped away from the scene. An area resident led officers to the driver’s home, where they noticed a damaged Nissan Titan in the driveway. The debris from the crash site led authorities to search for that type of vehicle. They reportedly noticed the driver staggering around and suspected he was drunk.

He has since been accused of driving under the influence, aggravated assault by vehicle, causing an accident involving personal injury and additional charges. The wife says the injuries her husband sustained in the crash will require the use of skilled nursing care for the rest of his life. They have operated their business for the better part of three decades.

When a Pennsylvania resident sustains life-altering injuries in a car accident, it can lead to astronomical medical bills. Although the driver is now facing criminal charges, he may still face claims for civil liability. The man retains the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. Doing so won’t change what happened, but a successful litigation could result in a monetary award for damages, possibly alleviating some of the financial stress associated with the need for a lifetime skilled medical care.

Source:, “Rostraver man held for trial for hit-run involving wheelchair,” Mary Pickels, Dec. 17, 2012

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