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August 7, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

What happens when at-fault driver dies in car accident?

There may only be a few official weeks of summer vacation left, but the months of August and September remain popular for people to take one last get away before the cool weather of autumn takes hold. Simultaneously, Pennsylvania families prepare for a new school year, and drivers should be aware that there may be heavier traffic as travelers and school buses take to the roads. Busy roads can lead to a higher probability of crashes, and in many cases, a victim may want to file a car accident claim

Recently, a terrible crash unfolded in Pennsylvania when a wrong-way driver crashed into an oncoming vehicle. Police were already en route, as they had received calls about a wrong-way driver just before the crash. The accident is still under investigation, but some details have emerged regarding the severity of the damage and injuries. 

At least six vehicles were involved, and at least four people were injured as a result. The interstate was shut down for several hours while emergency crews cleared the wreckage. Since the wrong-way driver was at fault, the victims appear to have grounds for filing a car accident claim. In this case, the driver that caused the car accident died as a result of injuries. 

An experienced Pennsylvania attorney can help a client become familiar with the legal process necessary to seek justice against and at-fault driver, even if that person is deceased. A victim has the right to file a claim against the estate of the party deemed at fault. Being injured in a car accident may leave a victim unfairly saddled with medical bills, lasting pain and suffering, loss of wages due to inability to work, and other stressful situations that tend to arise after a crash. If the person who caused a victim to suffer is no longer alive, an attorney can help a victim pursue recovery of monetary damages from the estate of the party believed responsible. 

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