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June 8, 2017
in Blog, Car Accidents

You face more than physical injuries when hurt in a car accident

One of the worst situations you may face is being involved in a serious collision. Whether you were a passenger or the other driver, a car accident can do more than knock you off the road for a while. A Pennsylvania wreck can take a heavy toll on your financial health as well.

An automotive wreck can create havoc in your life on many fronts. The first and foremost is the physical pain and suffering you are trying to handle. Even after you have been released from a hospital, you may have ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation. In addition, while broken bones will likely heal within an expected time frame, soft tissue and spinal injuries may last for months or years. Along with all of these possible complications, there are other damages that may surface shortly after the initial wreck.

These are often comprised of the monetary damages that follow after a serious accident. The medical bills alone can quickly accumulate to the point where you feel as if you are suffocating under debt. Moreover, lost wages and the problems that come with a lack of financial reserves can make it feel as if you have been victimized twice.

If the accident was traumatic — and so many are — or if a child was injured, then there may also be the emotional scars that may need treatment just as urgently as the physical injuries. A car accident frequently occurs without warning and without time to react or prepare. However, the other party’s insurance company will be prepared to fight your attempts to receive just compensation for your damages. An experienced attorney who is skilled in steering through the roadblocks erected by these companies may be the best medicine for healing your financial wounds that result from a Pennsylvania wreck.

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