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August 8, 2012
in Blog, Drunk Driving Accidents

Family seeks justice in Pennsylvania drunk driving accident

Sometimes, it can seem to take a long time for justice to come for family members who have lost loved ones in car accidents. For the family of fraternal twins killed in a Pennsylvania drunk driving accident last year, that seems especially true in light of the fact that no criminal charges have been filed nearly a year after the accident.

Determined to gain justice for the brother and sister who lost their lives while celebrating their 40th birthday, the family has now filed a civil lawsuit against the dump truck driver who reportedly struck them.

The family’s lawsuit alleges that the dump truck driver tested positive for synthetic marijuana. He supposedly crossed the grass median after veering off the highway, slamming into the brother and sister. Both twins died in the impact, leaving behind a family who wants to see justice done.

The wife of the man reportedly killed in this accident said that it is extremely frustrating for them that they’ve had to push so hard in this case, and yet criminal charges have still not been filed. She said that the family also feels a deep sense of loss after losing their loved ones. A sister of the twins stated that they want to see someone held accountable for this accident, especially because the family claims that the company employing the dump truck driver knew the driver had a drunk driving history but still allowed him to drive commercial vehicles.

Pennsylvania residents who have similarly lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents like this one also sometimes decide to file wrongful death lawsuits. Survivors of drunk driving accidents also may consider filing personal injury lawsuits against companies or drivers, seeking to prove negligence in order to recover financial compensation for the medical bills and any serious injuries they received. Justice may sometimes seem to take longer than it should, but each family member and drunk driving accident victim has to decide how best to pursue it in their own situation.

Source: “No Charges 10 Months After Fatal Crash,” Adam Chodak, July 26, 2012

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