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July 27, 2012
in Blog, Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can devastate Pennsylvania families

Medical malpractice can have devastating consequences for victims and their family. One man with two young sons knows just how rough it can be to live with those lingering effects. His 39-year-old wife died of a blood clot just days after undergoing plastic surgery. He has now filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging that his wife’s doctors acted negligently in not taking the woman off of birth control pills before performing the surgery. This case may hit especially close to home for Pennsylvania residents who have gone through similar losses.

This particular lawsuit claims that medical practitioners knew or should have known that oral contraceptives increase the risk of fatal blood clot in the wake of surgery. It further alleges that the Physician’s Desk Reference recommends taking patients off oral contraceptives at least four weeks before surgery and for at least for two weeks after surgery. The husband’s attorney says they have evidence that establishes that both the woman’s primary care physician and plastic surgeon knew the victim was taking contraceptives at the time of the surgery.

Now after losing his wife, allegedly due to medical malpractice, this man struggles with fears over raising his children without her mothering skills. He worries about his ability to be both mother and father to them. He and his wife were apparently the best of friends and engaged in many family activities such as going to the beach and playing games with their children. Tragically, the family will never be able to enjoy these activities with her again.

Pennsylvania families who have been affected by apparent medical malpractice can likely understand this man’s pain. While nothing can change the tragedy that has already occurred, a medical malpractice claim can seek to hold allegedly negligent parties accountable. The husband and father will now have the opportunity to attempt to prove the allegations of negligence contained in the complaint. If successful, he may feel some measure of justice in holding responsible parties accountable while also seeking monetary damages for the benefit of his family.

Source: The Florida Times-Union, “Widower Sues Jacksonville doctors over wife’s death,” Jim Schoettler, July 16, 2012

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