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June 13, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Can motorcycle accidents be prevented?

Pennsylvania residents are welcoming the arrival of summer. School is out, and so is the sun. People are looking forward to being out and about, and even daily errands can seem less mundane when there is the chance of stumbling upon a food truck, yard sale or other unexpected treat. Unfortunately, not all unexpected summer happenings are fun, and in the case of motorcycle accidents, what began as an enjoyable ride can end in injury or death. 

Recently, a man driving a motorcycle was stopped at an intersection, waiting for his turn. An 85-year-old man driving a car struck him. The man on the motorcycle suffered injuries so severe that he was killed. 

Witnesses who were familiar with the intersection stated that the area seems prone to these sorts of tragedies. There is no traffic light, but there are stop signs. One witness stated that people often fail to stop and look in all directions, and merely slow down and glance ahead for traffic approaching from the highway. 

Motorcycle accidents cannot always be prevented, but obeying traffic laws and staying alert can go a long way to prevent some. When a victim is killed in a Pennsylvania motorcycle crash, there may be matters that are left unsettled. Medical bills, funeral expenses and other costly matters will need dealt with. In many cases, a compassionate attorney can help collect any damages or compensation that may be awarded by a court on behalf of a deceased victim. The person responsible for a victim’s estate might need a hand holding, and an attorney can be just the sort of helping hand that’s needed.

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