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March 20, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Despite helmet use, motorcycle accidents can kill

Pennsylvania has a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. The Keystone State offers such scenic roadways, riders find it hard to imagine, as long as the weather cooperates, a better way to spend a sunny afternoon. Far from being purely recreational, many people use motorcycles as a fun and efficient way to get from place to place, but even a seasoned rider knows that motorcycle accidents can turn deadly in the blink of an eye. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was riding his motorcycle, as he likely had countless times before. By all accounts, he was obeying traffic laws and was wearing a proper helmet. Suddenly, as he drove through an intersection, a car navigating the same intersection struck him. 

He was thrown from the bike and suffered injuries so severe that he was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident remains under investigation, and it is not known if the driver at fault will face any criminal charges as a result. The victim, a 62-year-old Pennsylvania man, likely never suspected such a tragic end to his last ride. 

Motorcycle accidents can be especially dangerous, because riders, even when wearing a helmet like the man in this case, are largely exposed in the event of a crash. When a motorcycle is hit by a much larger vehicle, the result can be devastating. When a victim is killed during such a crash, surviving family members may feel overwhelmed by grief and confusion. There may be legal and financial matters to attend to, and often, representatives of a deceased victim’s estate choose to bring an experienced attorney on board to help with things like seeking compensation for medical bills or burial costs, that may otherwise fall upon the estate to cover. 

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