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July 27, 2017
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Ideal riding conditions come with risk of motorcycle accidents

The warmer weather season entices more people to travel along the roads and highways of Pennsylvania. However, while many enthusiasts see this time of year as the perfect weather for getting out their bikes, it also means an increase in the risks of getting involved in motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, even the most experienced rider is not immune to this potential danger.

One such accident recently occurred along a local road. According to Pennsylvania officials, a 51-year-old man was traveling east along a roadway. A van was approaching from the opposite direction. The driver of that vehicle then proceeded to make a left-hand turn across the east bound lane in order to access another road.

The motorcycle driver was purportedly unable to avoid the large vehicle. His bike collided with the van. The driver of the bike required emergency transportation by air to a local medical facility. There was no further information available concerning the nature of the man’s injuries or his current condition. The driver of the van was not injured in the collision.

The 64-year-old motorist was cited in this accident. The victim may face a long recovery period, depending on the severity and nature of his injuries. In the meantime, he will not only endure the physical pain and suffering of his injuries, but he likely will sustain significant monetary losses that accompany these serious motorcycle accidents. His recovery may require that he miss time from his employment that exceeds any sick time his job may provide, which may lead to lost wages on top of the numerous medical bills and associated costs. He may choose to contact a personal injury professional in order to file a claim that may result in just compensation that can eliminate the burden and stress that these monetary damages cause.

Source:, “Chambersburg man injured in motorcycle accident“, July 26, 2017

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