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April 3, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents a constant threat to riders

The sun is finally out in Pennsylvania, and motorcycle enthusiasts across the state are gearing up to hit the open road. While spring brings with it the opportunity to put some miles on the bike and enjoy the fresh air, it also carries increased risk of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, many crashes are preventable, but some drivers have little or no regard for the safety of others, putting lives at risk. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was found guilty regarding charges stemming from a crash that injured a man on a motorcycle. According to reports, the man’s unsafe driving caused his vehicle to crash into a motorcycle, causing the biker to suffer serious injuries. As more details emerged, it became clear the driver at fault was a repeat offender. 

The man was convicted of DUI, which is a serious charge on it’s own. Shockingly, it was revealed that this was not his first, or even second DUI conviction. The man, now convicted of his third DUI, has clearly not learned a lesson about the risks of drinking and driving. 

When motorcycle accidents cause innocent people to suffer serious injury, victims may feel frustrated. When a victim is already in pain, it can be overwhelming to face medical bills, inability to work, damage to property and insurance matters. Many victims seek assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney can help a victim seek justice in civil court against the party that caused an accident, and pursue recovery of documented monetary damages. 

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