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April 17, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries

Though there isn’t exactly a “motorcycle season,” Pennsylvania riders look forward to getting back on the road each spring. Though certainly most riders treat safety as an absolute priority, motorcycle accidents can occur anytime rubber meets the road. Even if the accident is not the fault of the motorcycle operator, he or she may face blame for injuries suffered by a passenger. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania accident illustrates this scenario. A man carrying a female passenger on his motorcycle was struck by another vehicle. Though the occupants of the larger vehicle escaped injury, the pair on the motorcycle was not as fortunate. The male driver lost a leg, as it was nearly severed, and the female suffered very serious injuries. 

Though it is not believed the motorcycle driver caused the accident, he may still be in hot water. After some investigation, it was revealed that he was operating the motorcycle on a permit and, therefore, was not legally allowed to carry a passenger. It is unclear if the female victim was aware of this rule, but she certainly suffered because she was along for the ride. 

When motorcycle accidents cause serious injuries to Pennsylvania residents, victims may feel helpless and overwhelmed in the days and weeks that follow. Lasting physical injury, medical bills and inability to work can affect a victim for years. Some victims choose to seek help from an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a victim use the court system to collect any monetary damages he or she may be owed for the pain and suffering he or she experienced through no fault of his or her own. 

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