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October 17, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents put a damper on autumn fun

The air is crisp, and the autumnal foliage is nearing its most picturesque phase. For motorcycle enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, this may be the best time of the year to take a nice ride before winter weather and the holiday season take hold. Unfortunately, nice weather and beautiful views do not curb the potential for motorcycle accidents

Recently, a man was riding his motorcycle near the Poconos. As he approached a left turn, he slowed down to maneuver it safely. The driver in the large truck behind him failed to follow suit and crashed into the back of the motorcycle. 

According to police, the man on the motorcycle was ejected from his vehicle upon impact. The truck driver responsible for the crash did not suffer injuries. The driver of the motorcycle was rushed to the hospital, and at this time, his prognosis remains unclear. 

Victims of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents may be interested in filing suit against the responsible party in a court of law. Medical bills and loss of wages due to inability to work can be stressful, and damage to property such as a beloved motorcycle can make the days and weeks that follow a crash difficult to bear. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a victim bring the responsible party to justice, and collect any monetary damages or compensation to which a victim may be entitled. A victim can take time to heal from physical injuries and emotional trauma while an attorney assists with the legal process necessary to make him or her feel whole again.

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