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September 6, 2018
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Pennsylvania high on list for most motorcycle accidents

Pennsylvania ranks 4th in the nation on a list of states with the most motorcycle crashes. Motorcycle accidents have a much higher rate of serious injury or death than other types of motor vehicle accidents. Even if riders use proper safety procedures and wear a helmet, an accident can occur in the blink of an eye, especially on crowded highways. 

Recently, the latest in a summer full of fatal motorcycle accidents occurred near Philadelphia. A group of motorcycles were traveling together when one of the drivers lost control. He crashed into another bike, which caused his death and left the other rider seriously injured. 

While police are uncertain at this time, an investigation has been launched to try to determine what caused the driver to crash into the other. The surviving victim remains hospitalized with extensive injuries. When a person is injured in a motorcycle crash, he or she may never fully recover. Injuries can last a lifetime and limit a victim’s ability to work and lead a normal life. Victims may miss work, or face mounting medical bills and other expenses. 

Victims of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents or their families may want to contact a personal injury attorney. Often, claims for damages can be made against the party or parties believed responsible. An attorney can advise victims how best to proceed as they begin the long journey of recovery. When victims decide to take action in court, having an attorney on their side can help successfully navigate the civil justice system in the aftermath of a serious accident. 

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