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September 9, 2017
in Blog, Truck Accidents

A distracted driver risks other’s lives in car or truck accident

People all over the country praise the benefits that technology has brought into their daily lives. However, this same technology used at the wrong time can lead to the risk of lives being lost due to a fatal car or truck accident. There are many Pennsylvania families who have lost loved ones due to these easily preventable crashes.

Recently, two families have seen their lives irrevocably changed after wrecks that may have been caused by distracted drivers. In July, a singer who was from the commonwealth was critically injured when the touring vehicle she was in was hit by a tractor trailer that somehow left its travel lane. The woman suffered life threatening injuries and required intensive care for several weeks. Tragically, the family felt compelled to remove life sustaining equipment, and she died.

More recently, an entire family suffered terrible injuries when a driver plowed over them as they were taking a stroll through their quiet, residential neighborhood. Witnesses stated that there was no readily apparent reason why the driver would have hit the family unless there was a distraction involved. One of the injured members was an infant who was in a stroller at the time. Pennsylvania officials have not completed their investigation into the cause of this horrifying collision.

Last year, crash statistics reported that an estimated 1,188 people died on the commonwealth’s roads. Though this number is reportedly down considerably from previous years, it still reflects the dangers that residents face. According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 90 percent of all accidents are the result of driver errors. Those who have suffered grievous injuries or have lost loved ones due to a car or truck accident caused by an inattentive or otherwise negligent driver may attempt to seek compensation for their financial losses through the filing of a personal injury or wrongful death civil suit.

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