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May 7, 2018
in Blog, Truck Accidents

A truck accident causing road debris claims life of Pennsylvanian

Moving products and goods from one location to another is what keeps America’s economy moving. Transporting large, heavy and sometimes hazardous materials can be dangerous sometimes, but drivers are well-versed in how to travel and secure the cargo safely to avoid any mishaps. Should a truck driver utilizing the Pennsylvania roadways fail to heed his or her on-the-road training, a truck accident can occur that could put others in serious danger.

The truck accident occurred around 3 p.m. near a busy exit ramp. A tractor-trailer flipped over on its side on the overpass of the ramp while its driver was navigating a curve. The load that was in transit, watermelons, spilled out and onto the exit ramp, then fell to the highway below.

Another vehicle was traveling on the highway about to pass under the overpass when the driver noticed the watermelons falling from above. The operator of the vehicle attempted to avoid hitting the debris and crashed his vehicle. His passenger, a 61-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene.

When a truck accident occurs, serious injury or death is an all-too-common consequence. Sometimes, the products carried by such a large vehicle can cause a hazardous situation, especially if not secured properly. Seeking the counsel of a Pennsylvania attorney to understand the best options for the injured or surviving family members may be the next step. By understanding the extent of all loss and damages that result from the accident, one can decide how to best proceed in pursuing legal recourse.

Source:, “SUV passenger killed in crash on I-95 near Walt Whitman Bridge“, April 28

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