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October 25, 2016
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Getting life back on track after a serious truck accident

Most Pennsylvania motorists are familiar with how terrifying it can be to share the road with massive tractor-trailers. When a truck accident involving one of these huge vehicles occurs, the results are often devastating. If a person actually survives injuries suffered in a truck collision, the road to recovery may be wrought with challenge, often including legal action against the truck driver deemed responsible.

There are laws governing semi trucks that may not affect cars. Most often, such regulations pertain to the weight of loads being hauled and how many hours a trucker may stay behind the wheel without rest. Negligence in these or other areas often results in roadway tragedies.

So many families have lost loved ones due to vehicular accidents involving tractor-trailers. Of course, many truck drivers are cautious and obey all the rules of the road. However, all it takes is one negligent driver to turn lives upside down forever. When an unexpected death occurs, families are often hit with tremendous financial strain in the midst of their grief.

Those who survive their injuries may also face exorbitant costs related to medical bills and other expenses associated with their accident. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], has been helping to protect the rights of truck accident victims and their families in Pennsylvania since 1942. We know what it takes to hold truck drivers and their companies accountable for violating trucking regulations. Seeking full recovery for your losses is of paramount importance to us, and we can begin the process during an initial consultation.

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