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August 25, 2012
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Man loses his life in a Pennsylvania truck accident

The family members of professional truck drivers often live with the fear that something will happen to their loved one while they’re plying their trade on the open road. It’s a valid concern, as many Pennsylvania drivers know. Even under the best of circumstances, driving on America’s highways can be dangerous. One professional truck driver recently lost his life in a truck accident with another tractor-trailer driver.

Apparently, the truck driver who survived had just entered the right lane of highway traffic after exiting the right shoulder. The driver who perished in the truck accident, already traveling in that lane, evidently struck the rear of the other truck less than a mile after it entered onto the highway. Reports indicate that both vehicles traveled approximately 300 feet along the highway shoulder. At that point, the trucks slid down an embankment.

The slain driver’s truck burst into flames, and he unfortunately died at the scene. Pennsylvania state police are investigating the incident, and have asked anyone who witnessed the event to contact them. They will likely look into any extenuating factors that may have contributed to this tragic crash.

Whatever the outcome of their investigation, there’s little doubt that a family is now left to mourn the loss of a loved one. They may find themselves questioning how this could happen, and whether something could have been done to prevent their loss. In some situations like this, it becomes appropriate to look into the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, whether against another potentially liable driver or a company who might have manufacture red a faulty product that contributed to or caused such a truck accident. The facts of this particular accident are not yet entirely clear, but they may come to light during the course of the police investigation.

Source:, “Interstate 78 accident in Upper Macungie Township kills tractor-trailer driver, coroner says,” Precious Petty, Aug. 6, 2012

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