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August 15, 2016
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Pennsylvania truck accident claims 2 lives

It seems that chain reaction crashes involving large trucks are becoming more common across the country. Truck drivers who are distracted do not notice traffic slowing in front of them, and they are often unable to stop in time. Those crashes, like a recent truck accident in Pennsylvania, often involve multiple injuries and sometimes fatalities.  

When traffic on a local highway came to a stop because of an accident, a man driving a large service truck did not notice in time to avoid a collision. His truck hit the back of a small car and pushed it into a sedan. The sedan then struck a van, and the van was pushed into a tractor-trailer. Three victims in critical condition were transported to the hospital by helicopter.

The 39-year-old man who was driving the small car hit by the service truck died a few days after the accident. About a week later, another 33-year-old man, a passenger in the sedan, died at the hospital of his injuries. Because he was a state employee who was on the job at the time, the governor ordered a period of mourning. There is no doubt that the families of these men are also mourning, especially after sitting in a hospital for days while the men struggled to survive their injuries.

This truck accident impacted the lives of many people. Some are left to recover from physical wounds and emotional trauma. Others are dealing with funeral expenses, as well as medical bills and the question of how to go forward without their loved ones. It is not unusual for people in Pennsylvania to contact attorneys when their lives are so drastically changed by someone’s apparent negligence. The families involved in this incident may also be asking lawyers for help in seeking compensation for their pain and suffering.

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Source:, “Second man dies following last week’s Route 15 crash“, Amanda Renko, Aug. 11, 2016

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