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March 13, 2015
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident fatally injures emergency responder

Pennsylvania drivers have had what may be more than their fair share of practice driving on less-than-ideal roads this winter season. As most now likely understand, no matter what the weather conditions, drivers must exercise the necessary amount of caution to remain safe while on the road. Unfortunately, a truck accident on what was apparently a slick road ended in the death of an emergency responder.

Authorities were alerted to multiple accidents on Pennsylvania 271 and responded accordingly. It is unclear if there were any injuries suffered in those initial three wrecks, but emergency responders — including paramedics — did show up. Apparently, while one of the paramedics was outside of an ambulance, a fourth accident occurred. 

A passing coal truck struck the paramedic, causing her to suffer fatal injuries. It is not clear if there were any attempts to administer potentially life-saving medical care or if she died while still at the scene of the wreck. Additionally, the condition of the coal truck’s driver was not released.

The exact cause of this truck accident is still under investigation, and Pennsylvania authorities are relying on the knowledge of a reconstructionist to help piece together the events leading up to the accident. Unfortunately, when pedestrians or smaller vehicles are pitted against much larger vehicles, fatal injuries are common. The families of victims are usually left to pick up the pieces after wrecks and often must deal with the aftermaths on both financial and emotional levels. Many families find that successfully navigated wrongful death claims can help ease the financial pain.

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Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Paramedic Killed At Scene Of Multiple Vehicle Crashes“, Mar. 2, 2015

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