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January 10, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident kills 2, injures more

Pennsylvania residents may consider themselves fortunate to live in a part of the country that can quickly turn into a winter wonderland. While certainly, snow and ice can be pretty, they may be best enjoyed from the comfort of home. Driving during the winter can be stressful, and with decreased visibility and slippery roads, drivers have every reason to fear a serious car or truck accident

When preparing for a winter storm, it is not uncommon for more large trucks to be on the roads. Dump trucks, plows and other large vehicles can be used to make roads safer, but when one becomes involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle, the results can be devastating. Recently, a Pennsylvania road became the scene of tragedy. 

A dump truck rolled over onto an SUV that was traveling the same road. Two of the passengers in the SUV were killed. Two more remain in critical condition due to injuries suffered. There are also reports that a third party suffered injury, and the accident remains under investigation as police try to determine the cause of the crash. 

A truck accident has the potential to cause serious injury or death. If a victim survives the initial injuries, he or she may be left with life-long pain and suffering. Medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work because of injury, and other matters can fall upon a victim to handle. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a victim bring the driver responsible for his or her pain and suffering to justice in a court of law. 

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