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June 27, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident kills young boy, leaving family grief stricken

School is out, and Pennsylvania children are enjoying all that summer has to offer. Whether a trip to the local park or a long drive to an out-of-town vacation, families everywhere are loading up the car and hitting the road. With summer months often bringing heavier traffic, drivers should remain vigilant. Even when proper precautions are taken and drivers obey traffic laws, there is no guarantee one will not become the victim of a fatal car or truck accident

Recently, a Pennsylvania boy who had just celebrated his 4th birthday with friends and family was riding in a vehicle with his babysitter and her father. Suddenly, and for unknown reasons, a huge dump truck swerved across the center line into oncoming traffic. The dump truck hit the vehicle the three were in head-on, and sadly, all three persons in the passenger vehicle were killed. 

Family and friends of the 4-year-old boy were horrified at the news. Some have begun to place birthday decorations at the scene of the accident, as a memorial. The crash remains under investigation, and it is not yet known if law enforcement will press charges against the driver of the dump truck. 

When a person is killed in a Pennsylvania truck accident, surviving family and friends may want to take action on behalf of the victim. Especially if the victim is a child, parents may be left to handle medical bills, funeral expenses and other financial burdens that can follow such an accident. Many people choose to seek assistance from a compassionate attorney. An attorney can help a family bring the driver responsible for the death to justice in a court of law, and collect any damages or compensation that may be owed on behalf of the deceased victim. 

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