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October 3, 2018
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident results in serious injury

Pennsylvania drivers know that the highways that run through the state are often full of tractor trailers and other large vehicles. This can make travel stressful because large vehicles cannot maneuver quickly enough to avoid a crash. A recent truck accident involved four tractor trailers and several smaller vehicles, and resulted in serious injury. 

During a storm that brought heavy rains to much of Pennsylvania,  several trucks became entangled in a crash. One of the trucks overturned onto a smaller passenger vehicle. Another was damaged so badly, the contents of the trailer — several large drums — spilled out onto the road. A third left the highway completely and came to rest on an embankment. 

At least one person suffered serious injuries and required hospitalization. Authorities have not yet released further details on the victim’s condition. The highway was closed in both eastbound and westbound directions for several hours following the accident. The amount of damage and number of trucks involved rendered the roadway impassable until clean-up crews could clear the debris. The crash remains under investigation. 

A truck accident can cause permanent injury or death to a victim. An experienced attorney may be able to assist victims in the aftermath. Medical bills, insurance matters and inability to work due to injuries can seem overwhelming when a victim is attempting to recover from injury. If an accident occurred because someone else was careless or negligent, innocent victims may feel as if they have been wronged. An attorney may be able to help with the legal issues so a victim can heal.

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