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February 14, 2020
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident with entrapment demonstrates frightening reality

Pennsylvania drivers are used to seeing big trucks on the highway. Several major highways that are paramount to national shipping efficiency run through the Keystone State. While most trucks manage to get from point A to point B without incident, a truck accident remains a scary possibility for drivers statewide. 

The Pennsylvania State Police recently reported a serious truck accident on Interstate 90. Press releases to date have not provided many clues as to the details of the crash, but several facts are known. A small passenger car was involved with a big tractor-trailer, and the driver of the car was trapped inside the damaged vehicle. 

First responders had to remove the trapped victim, who was unable to escape the wreckage on his own. There is no word yet about the severity of injuries either driver may have suffered. It has yet to be determined which driver was at fault for the crash, but can be expected that the passenger vehicle was damaged far worse than the much larger truck. 

A person that unfortunately becomes the victim of a truck accident in Pennsylvania may be curious about what legal action can be taken. If a victim is seriously injured, he or she may have a difficult time covering hospital bills, medications, damages to personal property such as a car and other expenses. If the evidence suggests that a truck driver was at fault for a crash, a victim may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. A victim interested in doing so may want to consider contacting an attorney to help with the legal necessities, so that he or she can take time to heal and deal with the aftermath of a serious crash. 

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