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February 15, 2013
in Blog, Wrongful Death

BMW recall could prevent fatal accidents in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania BMW drivers may be aware of the recently announced recall of the company’s 1-Series ActiveE vehicles. The cars were a part of a BMW test line, and were leased to consumers beginning in Jan. 2012. The manufacturer has identified serious flaws in the vehicle, and has issued a recall in the hopes of avoiding injuries or fatal accidents connected to the issue.

BMW made the 1-Series ActiveE vehicles as a field test for a new type of powertrain, and hopes to evaluate the test fleet to make future adjustments. The vehicles were leased for a two-year term, and are not available for purchase upon the termination of the lease. However, consumers began reporting issues with powertrain failures, leading the company to move forward with the recall.

There are approximately 700 vehicles within this test fleet. Of those, 340 have already received repairs during regular service appointments. BMW has issued a statement asserting that they are not aware of any injuries or accidents resulting from the issue.

For BMW drivers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, this news highlights the importance of remaining aware of current recall efforts within the auto industry. This is best accomplished by ensuring that your car dealer has your current contact information, but it is also important to stay attuned to news reports concerning recalls. The recall process is in place to prevent serious injury or even fatal accidents from taking place, but the system only works when consumers are made aware of the issue and bring their vehicles in for repair or replacement.

Source: The New York Times, “BMW Recalls 1 Series ActiveE for Powertrain Problem,” Christopher Jensen, Feb. 4, 2013

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