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December 19, 2019
in Blog, Suv Accidents

Driver in SUV accident wanted on criminal warrants

When Pennsylvania residents learn to drive, they must know what to do when an accident occurs. After a crash, drivers must pull to the side of the roadway as soon as is safely possible, contact police and render aid, if possible, to any victims while waiting for help to arrive. Recently, the driver believed to have been at fault for an SUV accident apparently chose to ignore the laws. 

The driver, recently identified as a 41-year-old Pennsylvania man, crashed into the rear end of the vehicle in front of him. The driver of the vehicle was waiting to make a left turn when the man slammed into the vehicle. The first driver did not stop, continuing through the intersection as the victims in the stopped vehicle waited for assistance. 

Several passengers, including two children, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of injuries. Even though the man that caused the crash fled from the scene, authorities were able to determine his identity and are now doing their best to locate him. He now has two active warrants for felony charges stemming from his actions. 

Though police will certainly make every effort to bring the driver to justice in criminal court, this may do little to console the victims. After all, a serious SUV accident and two injured children is not the way a family expects to celebrate the holidays. Victims may face medical bills, damage to vehicles and other personal property, and emotional and physical pain and suffering. If a victim wishes to file civil suit against the driver believed responsible, an experienced personal injury attorney can assist with the legal process in pursuit of the maximum recovery of applicable monetary damages. 

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