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December 26, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident trouble: enormous damage after interstate pileup

Usually, news about vehicle crashes is handled by local news sources. Accidents unfortunately happen every day, and other than damages and injuries suffered, there isn’t much to report. Recently, Pennsylvania got its first widespread snowfall, and with it came a truck accident that resulted in so much damage, destruction and death that the entire state tuned in to stay informed about the rescue attempts. 

As inclement conditions began to limit visibility and make the road surface of I-80 in Union County slick and dangerous, drivers likely realized that they should be extra cautious, but they certainly could have never imagined the tragedy that was about to unfold. While it will likely take weeks for investors to establish the details, it is currently thought that a truck accident is the catalyst that sparked a chain reaction of destruction. As rescue workers arrived on the scene, they were horrified to see that nearly 60 vehicles were involved in a massive crash. 

It is currently estimated that about 40 people were rushed to the hospital for treatment of injuries, and two additional victims died. The highway was closed for many hours as first responders worked to aid victims and clear the wreckage. Investigators say that some victims were stuck in their mangled vehicles for hours because rescuers could not make their way through the extensive pileup until some vehicles were moved away. Over 20 tractor trailer trucks were involved. 

When a person becomes the victim of a truck accident in Pennsylvania, he or she may wonder what options are available for legal recourse. In such cases, it may be wise to contact an attorney immediately. Medical expenses, insurance claims and damage to personal property are some of the burdens a victim may have to contend with following a crash, and in many cases, a professional can help relieve some of the stress while a victim attempts to recover. 

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