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January 2, 2020
in Blog, Car Accidents

Can you file a car accident claim against a deceased driver?

The Keystone State is ready to roar into the 20s, recently closing out the decade and welcoming a brand new year. Some people make resolutions or set goals for what they’d like to achieve, and others enjoy reminiscing about favorite moments of years past. No matter the specifics, people generally focus on positive things, and certainly do not anticipate stressful matters like suffering injury and needing to file a car accident claim

Sometimes, a serious car accident is the fault of another party. A recent Pennsylvania case serves as a prime example. It seems that a young man was speeding when he crossed the center line on the road. He smashed head-on into a woman traveling in the opposite direction. 

The man allegedly at-fault for the crash passed away due to injuries sustained during the accident. The woman he hit was also seriously injured. Though the man who allegedly caused her injuries died, she may still have legal recourse. 

When a person is involved in a Pennsylvania crash, he or she may wonder how to go about filing a car accident claim. In many cases, an experienced attorney can be of assistance. An attorney can help a client bring legal action against the estate of a deceased party and may be able to help a victim collect any damages or compensation to which he or she may be entitled. If a court decides in a plaintiff’s favor against the estate of the deceased, the plaintiff can possibly receive monetary awards that can help cover medical bills, damage to vehicles and other property, as well as many other expenses that may follow a serious crash. 

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