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December 26, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Rescuers recieve training for bus accidents

The safety of children is always a major concern for Pennsylvania families and the communities in which they reside. Each day, thousands of children across the Keystone State ride the bus to school. Parents must trust the well-being of a child to the bus driver, but even experienced and attentive drivers cannot prevent bus accidents

Recently, rescue workers in several municipalities received hands-on training for what to do when responding to bus crashes. Old school buses were used to simulate what emergency personnel might expect to see at the scene of such a crash. Pennsylvania has had several serious bus accidents in recent years, and if a bus is badly damaged or flipped over, rescue attempts can be tricky. 

First responders learned how to remove the roof of a bus to gain entry if necessary, which allows efficient access to any injured children who may be on board. They were also given hands-on instruction with special hydraulic tools and saws that might be used in such a crash. While buses are generally rather sturdy, there have been real incidents in which a bus is damaged beyond repair, and passengers are seriously hurt or killed. 

While it is encouraging that rescue workers will know what to do in the event of bus accidents, parents must also know what steps to take if their child is injured. Medical bills, missing work to care for an injured child, and lasting physical and emotional suffering are possible things a family must contend with in the aftermath of a crash. If parents are interested in learning what legal recourse is available to collect applicable damages on behalf of an injured child, contacting a compassionate Pennsylvania attorney may be the way to go. Much like the rescue workers are trained to handle the immediate situation of an accident, attorneys know what to do when it comes time to take legal action against the party at fault. 

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