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October 2, 2019
in Blog, Suv Accidents

SUV accident involving school bus shakes community

Autumn has officially arrived in Pennsylvania, and the excitement of a new school semester may have waned a bit. Students and parents have by now settled into a routine, and mundane moments like packing a lunch and catching the bus are just part of a normal day. Drivers might have also become less vigilant, and a recent SUV accident demonstrates how quickly such a mistake can cause injury or death.

A school bus was making its way around a Pennsylvania neighborhood, returning students to their homes after a long day at school. Suddenly, an SUV slammed into the bus head on. The bus was still carrying over a dozen children at the time of the crash. 

Witnesses, some of whom were family members waiting to collect their children, watched in horror as the accident unfolded. When help arrived, witnesses told investigators that the SUV driver had been speeding when the vehicle hit the bus. Though the children on the bus were alright, the driver suffered serious injury and had to be taken to the hospital. Residents told investigators that people often speed through the neighborhood, and action should be taken to curb this bad habit to prevent future accidents. The passengers and onlookers were understandably shaken by the ordeal, and residents say they now fear walking even on the sidewalk in the area where the crash occurred. 

An SUV accident like this one can cause a lot of pain and suffering for victims. In this case, the airbags were deployed in both the bus and the SUV. The bus driver may want to consider taking legal action against the driver of the SUV, who appears to have been at fault. Victims facing similar circumstances may want to consult a local attorney. An attorney can assist a victim with the legal process necessary to pursue recovery of monetary damages. 

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