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October 4, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Before riding, consider this information re motorcycle accidents

Sunshine and clear skies often beckon Pennsylvania motorcycle enthusiasts to go for a ride. In addition to riding for the pure fun of it all, many motorcyclists choose this form of transportation to commute to and from work nowadays. It saves gas money and often alleviates stress when trying to find a parking spot, as well. Sadly, however, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence on state highways, so anyone considering this type of travel will want to review collision information before doing so.

In 2017, 14% of all traffic-related deaths involved motorcyclists. Equally concerning is the fact that many of those incidents were also alcohol-related. Males reportedly suffer fatal injuries in motorcycle collisions more often than females. Of course, that might be because men tend to travel by motorcycle more often than women.

It is a fact that, in collisions involving both a motorcycle and another vehicle, such as a car or truck, it is often the non-motorcycle driver’s fault. Failing to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist is a common causal factor toward collision. Hitting the pavement at highway speeds typically results in serious, if not life-threatening injuries for motorcycle occupants.

When Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents occur, investigators often spend hours trying to recreate a particular incident to determine who or what may have exactly caused the collision. In cases where driver negligence is determined to have been a significant factor, a recovering victim can seek financial recovery for his or her losses in court. Successful litigation often gives access to court-awarded compensation that can help offset medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

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