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November 22, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Authorities warn bus accidents are on the rise

Holiday travel can result in more accidents than usual. Many people make plans to see friends and family, or journey to a new exciting destination during the winter months. Though taking a bus can be a convenient way for large groups of people to travel, authorities warn that bus accidents are on the rise across Pennsylvania. 

One stretch of Pennsylvania roadway has been the scene of three bus accidents in the last year alone. Most recently, a terrible crash that killed a woman was revealed to have been caused by the careless bus driver, allegedly under the influence at the time the accident occurred. Over a dozen people suffered injury as a result, and one passenger lost her life.  

Police say that the bus, en route to a nearby state, became involved in an accident after the driver committed several crimes. After a thorough investigation, the 50-year-old man driving the bus was charged with more than 30 crimes. The charges include driving under the influence, assault, manslaughter and reckless behavior. 

Bus accidents can cause serious injury or death to innocent people. Passengers on a bus rely on the driver to keep them safe while traveling. If anyone in Pennsylvania is hurt due to a negligent bus driver, an experienced personal injury attorney can help. In these types of accidents, there is usually more than one party to sue. In addition to the bus driver, the owner of the bus and/or the driver’s employer may also be named as defendants in a civil claim to recover monetary damages.

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