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November 28, 2018
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Truck accident robs couple of their “happily ever after”

A wedding is typically one of the most memorable and important life events a person may ever experience. For many Pennsylvania couples, their wedding day is the beginning of a wonderful life as a united family. In a tragic twist of fate, a truck accident not only ruined their wedding day but, far worse, claimed their young lives. 

The couple was traveling to Pittsburgh, the city set to host their long awaited wedding ceremony. Sadly, a truck accident occurred on a Pennsylvania  interstate before they reached their destination. A large tractor-trailer failed to slow as the driver approached traffic congestion ahead. 

The big rig struck a passenger vehicle. These collisions started a chain reaction of subsequent crashes that included five large semitrailers. A fire engulfed two of the semis and the passenger vehicle. When help arrived, rescuers determined that the passenger vehicle contained the couple en route to their wedding, and both were killed due to injuries suffered. The accident remains under investigation. 

A truck accident of this nature is devastating, certainly for the victims but also for their surviving family members. Instead of celebrating a wedding, they are left planning funerals and grieving their losses. Based upon the reported facts, it appears that grounds exist for wrongful death claims against the first truck driver and the trucker’s employer. With so many vehicles involved in the tragedy, it will be necessary to document exactly what occurred and identify all sources of potential liability. A Pennsylvania personal injury attorney can assess the evidence and help the families pursue justice on behalf of their loved ones.

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