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December 5, 2018
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer accident involves nine vehicles

Pennsylvania drivers are once again preparing for wintry weather. In a state that is no stranger to snow, ice and other weather related hazards, most drivers know extra caution should be used during the winter months. Not all accidents are weather related, and a recent tractor trailer accident was proven to be the fault of a careless driver. 

The tragedy began when a tractor trailer driver failed to stop as he was approaching heavy traffic. He crashed into the back of a passenger vehicle, causing a chain reaction. The next five vehicles in line, whose drivers had come to a proper stop, crashed into each other. The tractor trailer then swerved, striking another large truck on the shoulder of the road. 

A total of nine vehicles were involved in the crash. Three people suffered life-threatening injuries and were rushed to local in an attempt to save their lives. Other people suffered less serious injuries but still required immediate medical attention. The accident remains under investigation, and Pennsylvania authorities have not yet updated public in the condition of the victims. 

A tractor trailer accident can cause particularly serious injuries due to the size of the large vehicles. Persons in smaller passenger often suffer serious injury or death when they become involved in an accident caused by a careless truck driver. In many cases, it can be a good idea for victims or their families to consult an experienced attorney as they prepare to seek justice against a negligent truck driver in a court of law. 

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