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December 12, 2018
in Blog, Suv Accidents

Rollovers a frightening factor in SUV accidents

Pennsylvania drivers have certainly noticed the crowded highways in recent weeks. Holiday travel on top of daily commutes can lead to traffic congestion. When road conditions are far from ideal, and winter weather may be a factor, drivers need to remain alert. SUV accidents remain a chief concern because the design of the vehicle can lead to an increased chance of a rollover during a crash. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was driving his SUV northbound on I-79. As he slowed to prepare for the traffic ahead, where other vehicles were merging off an exit ramp, his vehicle was struck from behind by another driver. The impact caused his SUV to swerve, and after striking the median, it began to roll. 

The driver was ejected from the vehicle and died. Authorities state that the cause of death was blunt force trauma. The driver who struck the victim was not injured, and blood samples were taken to determine if drugs or alcohol were contributing factors. The investigation is ongoing. 

When loved ones are killed in SUV accidents, families of victims may feel overwhelmed. They may want to hold the negligent party legally responsible for the death of their loved one but feel overwhelmed by grief, shock, medical bills and funeral expenses. Often, a compassionate attorney can assist with these matters as a family attempts to come to terms with their loss. It can be difficult to overcome such a tragedy, but it is important to make sure that the party responsible for a death is held legally accountable for his or her actions. 

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