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December 20, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Auto accident injures local children

Many Pennsylvania students rely on the school bus to get them back and forth to classes each day. While most bus drivers do their best to keep riders safe, there is still danger involved. One thing many parents may not consider is the potential danger a child is in while waiting alongside the street for the school bus to arrive. In these situations, a child pedestrian is at a great risk to be hurt in an auto accident

Recently, two young students were waiting for the school bus to arrive as usual. As they kept watch for the approaching bus, disaster struck. A driver from another state swerved off the road and struck the children. Witnesses state that the children were not in the roadway, but that the car ended up on the sidewalk. 

The students were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. Pennsylvania police are asking for information that may be pertinent to the ongoing investigation into the crash. It is still possible that criminal charges may be filed. 

When a child becomes injured in an auto accident, parents may feel overwhelmed. Medical bills and other matters may pale in comparison to concern for the child’s recovery. These matters must be attended to, however, and in many cases an experienced attorney can help. An attorney can help a child victim’s family as they attempt to recover any monetary damages to which the child may be eligible to collect, and bring the driver responsible to justice. 

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